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We develop and manufacture heterogeneous, homogeneous, chiral and biocatalytic technologies for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and agrochemical industries

We have a full functioning site in India at Taloja, Navi Mumbai for Catalyst Manufacturing and Refining of Precious Group Metals


  • Heterogeneous platinum group metal (pgm) catalysts
  • Homogeneous palladium catalysts for cross-coupling applications and other homogeneous pgm catalysts
  • Proprietary and non-proprietary advanced ligands including chiral phosphine ligands, chiral transfer hydrogenation ligands, Buchwald ligands and cross-coupling ligands
  • Chiral catalysts and ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation in a wide range of ruthenium, rhodium and iridium catalysed reactions Biocatalysts
  • A broad range of chiral alcohols available from gramme to tonne scale.

News & Events

  • Newly launched catalytic reaction guide mobile application. Click here for more details.