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Johnson Matthey’s reputation within the Syngas market is synonymous with world’s leading catalysis. We develop, manufacture and supply our range of KATALCOJM catalysts and related process technology and services for the efficient conversion of natural gas or naphtha to ammonia, methanol and hydrogen. Over the past five decades, our catalysts are used in world’s largest single stream ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants.

Ammonia based fertilizers are currently being used across the world and JM is seen as a world leader in providing complete and in-depth knowledge about the needs of our users and a thorough understanding of their operations.

Our manufacturing site at Panki produces the catalysts for Syngas and Refineries


KATALCOJM Catalysts are supported by KATALCOJM PERFORMANCE services. World-leading catalysts give world-beating performance when subject to the right loading techniques, plant operation and process optimization. KATALCOJM PERFORMANCE offers this and much more to our customers. By concentrating on issues that are important to our customers, we aim to improve our customer’s plant performance and profitability.

PURASPECJM : These adsorbents and catalysts remove various fluidic and gaseous contaminants in the form of Sulphur, Chlorides and Mercury from refineries and gas processing applications.