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Lets hear it out from our B-School interns


Kumar Shourav, Summer Intern 2014, IIM-Indore, Emission Control Technologies, Manesar : I got the opportunity to work and learn under Johnson Matthey (JM) during my two months (April’14-May’14) of summer internship project. Apart from the project that was very challenging, I came into contact with people who apart from their technical knowledge had a keen interest in making the people around themselves feel comfortable. In my opinion, that’s the underlying strength of Johnson Matthey- the ability to get the best out of someone without making him/her feel uncomfortable or inferior. While many companies talk about employee welfare, I saw it put into practice at JM. I could literally barge into the office of my mentor or anyone for that matter for help or discussing any issue and they wouldn’t feel offended.

Being a multi-national firm, it also allowed me the opportunity to interact with employees from other countries and their ideas helped in my project as well. In that sense, the culture at JM is very open and supportive. My experience at JM was truly enriching and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in making a great career for himself/herself