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Emission Control Technologies

Johnson Matthey ECT is a leading manufacturer of auto-catalysts across the globe since 1974. We supply catalysts to leading automobile manufacturers in India, in order to bring down the harmful pollutant emissions from various sources.
JM ECT offers products and services in the following main areas at our Manesar site:

  • Catalyst technologies for two-wheelers and three-wheelers
  • Controlling emissions in passenger vehicles like cars, vans and small utility vehicles
  • Catalysts for heavy duty diesel engines like buses, trucks and trains
  • Stationary engines like chemical plants, internal combustion engines and industrial equipment
  • Contract testing services for engines, emissions and catalyst performance


Passenger Vehicles
JM India provides precious metal containing catalysts to passenger vehicles to convert harmful gases to harmless products. These vehicles are fuelled by gasoline or petrol, therefore require a Three-Way Catalyst, with conversion rates as high as 90%.

Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles
JM India provides catalyst product and technologies to diesel vehicles like buses and trucks as well as for CNG engines. These engines require an Diesel Oxidation Catalyst to reduce hydrocarbons , soot, particulate matter and carbon. Some amount of Selective Catalytic Reduction catalysts are also used, depending upon the engine specifications.

Two Wheelers
With stringent Bharat Stage (BS III/ BS IV) emission standards rolled out, it is mandatory for all new vehicles manufactured in India to be complaint with these standards and regulate the output of air pollutants.
JM India recognizes the value of working with the customers and provides the best catalyst and vehicle configuration. Johnson Matthey has developed a new generation of highly durable formulations for reducing pollutants.

Stationary Sources
Stationary sources like Internal Combustion Engine are widely used across the world for various industrial purposes. These engines may run on CNG/LPG/LNG or Diesel. The demand for stationary engines is on a rise due to the need for reliable sources of energy and power backup.